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March 26, 2019

Hi, I am Arianna, and I am an Italian self-taught artist currently residing in Dubai.

Since I was a child, I have shown an interest and a natural predisposition for art in general by exploring various techniques such as decoupage, candle making, sewing, drawing, painting etc...

5 years ago I turned my life around by moving to Saudi Arabia and in this context I found a way to break open and engage my creativity by dedicating myself to acrylic painting and holding craft courses for children. This path has made me very aware of who I want to be.

My paintings are always very colorful, full of energy, ranging from intuitive to abstract painting but my style remains unmistakable despite being constantly looking for new techniques and inspirations.

Painting is the most sincere way I have to express myself and to live a dream, I don’t like constraints and I like to be free in order to express myself, even with artworks on commissions.

I am happy when the observer somehow finds his own soul in one of my paintings, and getting straight to the heart is what gives me the most satisfaction. Someone called me an “emotional and dreamer artist” and I think that perfectly describes me!

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Works by Arianna Putzu