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March 25, 2019

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Creativity to me is; capturing uniqueness, demonstrating 'outside the box', expressing something differently and asking 'why not'?

Professionally a Structural Engineer, I enjoy collaborating on challenging and innovative structures that promote Dubai's creative and forward thinking architecture.
Art for me is a form of communication, eloquent yet without words. In paintings I find colors, tone, theme etc. captivate the spirit of a man to ponder and consider. I paint when I find myself short of words to express visions and spiritual understanding that we easily could take for granted in the everyday busy life. My artworks are drawn from my walk with God, The Heavenly Father in Lord Jesus Christ. My inspirations are from Holy Spirit whilst painting express God's voice, even to myself, the joy of His presence and how nature glorifies Him.

I started painting and selling Acrylic paintings as a teenager. Although I didn't pursue my main studies in art; I have had the privilege of learning on history of art and history of architecture in my university years. As a teenager, I loved learning about Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas and the 19th Century Impressionist Art Movement. I enjoyed traveling to Europe to study the artworks and inspirations.

I enjoy experimenting with the knife in oil painting - where the paint build up gives 'realistic impression of the scene'. And over the years I have developed Impressionist Art style where I capture an image as someone would see it if they just caught a glimpse of it. I like to capture images without detail but with bold colors.

I have exhibited my works in Montreal in 2004 at Union United Church of Canada.

Works by Bethel Teferra