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March 14, 2019

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I'm just a girl with some paint and brushes trying to create work that inspires imagination and thought. I'm currently studying Advertising at Ontario College of Art and Design University but my passion for painting and drawing has been apparent almost all my life. Along with myself, my work has also grown; my work is inspired by my culture, the people around me, and what's happening around the world. You will notice a sense of variety within my work as many are drawn as an aesthetic but many are also created to convey emotions of joy, excitement, sadness, passion, freedom, and fear and create an unspoken form of communication between the artwork and its viewer. There are numerous artists that I take inspiration from including Agnes Cecile, Jackson Pollock, Rajkumar Sthabathy, Francois Nielly and many more. These artists create art in a way that ignites a sense of clarity whilst simultaneously employing ambiguity which I think is important. Leaving certain aspects of an artwork, if not all, open to interpretation is something I try to employ within my work as it allows the viewer to feel whatever they want to feel rather than being bound to solely one emotion. I think as an artist I try not to limit myself to one medium or one particular theme and try to explore art and its medium as much as possible in order to refrain from limiting myself as with art the opportunities and the ideas that arise from it are endless.

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