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March 07, 2019

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I am a Fashion Designer and Artist from India, making art pieces and design outfits. My art speaks the inner voice of my mind. My works usually reflects the Nature and Femininity.
I did my Graduation in Fashion Technology and PG in MSc Apparel Production.
The nature drags me to draw. The medium I use are mostly acrylics, watercolors and photo colors. “Creativity is a song that is beautifully composed in the breathing rhythm of an artist. It should have a life within.” My artworks always pave way to happiness and hope.
I used to draw since my childhood. My grandparents were my greatest support and encouragement. In my school days, I got a chance to learn art formally. Then for graduation, I chose Fashion Designing where the art is inevitable. So the course again nurtured me with the colors. This is where I learned Fashion Art – the subject behind most of my paintings.

Works by Tania Korah