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March 06, 2019

A full-time mother of 3, with a degree in food science, I started gathering my interest with my children's projects in school. Since they started school I have remained in constant search of new techniques and newer mediums. There are so many ways to learn and so many objects in our daily lives around us; and in our environment there are those things that are being shortlisted in our discard list and many that have been tossed into the void. I have rescued many such items that had lived their intended lives and gave it a new color and shape, in some cases. There are various skills that I practice and am improving in all of them, we are always in a state of learning and improving. In short, we all are students. I work with paper mache, mandala dotting, scratch art, clay, application craft techniques to glasses and bottles.

Works by Urooj Fatima Khan