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March 05, 2019

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Veer Manghnani is a 16-year-old Dubai based artist specializing in a variety of different styles and aesthetics, ranging from hyperrealism to abstract mandalas. Veer is able to incorporate these traditional methods of media into his modern approach to art. Taking inspiration from pop culture, street culture, movies, television and contemporary fashion designers, he combines them with mediums such as oil painting, ink, charcoal and printmaking.

“I started studying art at around age 3 and fell in love with expressing what I love on paper,” says Veer. “My mother was extremely talented in art and would draw my favorite cartoon characters. The sheer awesomeness of her work made me want to trace over it. After a few times, I had mastered drawing characters that I saw in books and on TV. Ever since, I developed a taste for illustrations in comic books and graphic novels.”

"I try to expose myself to as much as I can when it comes to my craft. I love experimenting with whatever I can get my hands on, and incorporating what I learn from it into everything else I do," says Veer. He's able to achieve promising results through experimenting with DIY approaches, such as creating his own mini printmaking workshop at home with scrap cardboard and wood. "Each piece I do has a personal flair to it, I love asymmetry and try to shy away from perfection, which leads to a final result - it truly encompasses the entire thought process behind every artwork."

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Works by Veer Manghnani