Glass painting vitray Artezaar

Arezoo Rahmdel

March 26, 2019

Arezoo Rahmdel artist profile Artezaar"If I could reach out and touch even one single soul on this earth with my art , I have succeeded in doing something good for humans."
I am a self taught artist from Iran whose passion is painting. I paint on glass (vitray), wood, ceramic, canvas and more. I am also an artist of fluid painting, resin painting, decorative painting and resin jewelry. Painting on glass is my favorite type of art. I have two and half years of experience teaching Art in Dubai. When I am teaching, I feel so inspired wanting to share all the knowledge of art with my students that I have learned by myself and I enjoy working with the students to help them develop their painting skills. Teaching is challenging and exciting to me and I feel that teaching and sharing what I know about art with other artist and students is what I enjoy doing. Many times during my classes a student will ask a question about a certain technique or medium and as I do research on the topic in question, I find that I have learned something else to share as I teach or maybe use to make my own paintings better.

Arezoo Rahmdel work