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March 25, 2019

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I am Bhawna, a Zest Writer, where creative words keep finding their way to me and start to take form as I pen out my thoughts. And passion painting defines who I truly am.

I am inspired to paint on current times, with the endless flutter of bristles and the colors flowing in my head, all waiting and oozing to splash out onto the canvas! I am all about making ‘Mind Matters’ meaningful. I love filling colors in my world of Art to make it so creatively appealing, that I could just walk into the canvas and loose myself.

I am a self trained artist in Dubai, and my fingers guide my mind swishing through canvas, riding a magical cloud.

"Let it rain and cover the canvases" says my mind. And the disciples follow in glee...riding the waves, like the oceans caressing the banks with each stroke, and all fingers immerse into ecstasy of color.

There's no limit to the expression of Art, on canvases that still need to be explore.

Peep into my happy-floating clouds and dreams on, and dive into my paintings, as I take you through my happy colorful world.

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Works by Bhawna Pankaj Parpia