Divya Suratkal

Divya Suratkal

March 23, 2019

Divya SuratkalThe paintings of Indian artist Divya Suratkal are an expression of her individuality. Inspired by creativity and mélange of life, she is very passionate about art in it’s various forms and loves color. Her paintings bring about the visual diversities of life and it’s essence, with a flavor of her globetrotting experiences. They portray her deep-rooted Indian culture where she grew up as a child alongside the Arabian influence where she has now been living in Dubai, UAE for over a decade.

Her unique bold style reflects her personality using a synergy of vibrant colors and freshness of pigments to portray simple subjects in a creative perspective.

She loves to work in different mediums and techniques to enhance the creativity in her work. But she says: “Watercolor is my first love and always will be as it has helped me evolve as an artist. It is the most difficult medium and I find the ambiguity of the medium challenging yet so very gratifying”.

Art for her is medium of meditation, happiness and her connection to the World.

"Artistically I'm a work in progress. Edging every step towards the best version of Myself!" says Divya

Divya has exhibited across the globe at: 

- 'Sweltering Summer At the Courtyard' & 'Inward Introspection' were exhibited in the 'Against the Tides' exhibition organized by W2W at Cartoon Art Gallery
- 'Roman Regality ' in the International Watercolor Society Hungary

- Gardenia Glory in the Fabrianoin Acquarello Exhibition, Italy
- 'Ugra Narasimha' in the Heritage Art International Watercolor Exhibition Indonesia
- 'Locked Door' in the InWatercolor Four Nation traveling Exhibition in four countries namely Italy, UAE, Brazil, India
- 'Cupid Love' exhibited in the International Watercolor Society Bangladesh Exhibition

- 'Seeking Solace' exhibited in the Fabriano In Acquarello Exhibition in Italy
- 'Lead me to Light' exhibited in the International Watercolor Society UAE exhibition
- ''Fresh Fish Frozen' exhibited in the International Watercolor Society Exhibition Czech Republic
- 'Iron Man' , 'ArabianOryx' 'Kambala', 'Narendra Modi- Caricature' exhibited in 'Show your Best' exhibition at the Cartoon Art gallery
- 'Innocence' exhibited in the Global Watercolor Summit at Shillong, India

- 'Lord Ganesha' has been published in the International Watercolor Dairy, Hungary
- Exhibited as a part of the International Watercolor Society UAE Team in the Sikka Art Fair
- 'Picasso' exhibited currently in the International Watercolor Society Exhibition in Vietnam
- 'Soaring High' will be exhibited I Fabriano Inacquarello Exhibition in Italy

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