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March 09, 2019

Ritu Nanda Artist Profile on Artezaar

I am an artist from New Zealand and currently living in Dubai. Painting has been an important part of my life since early childhood. Art has also accompanied me during my career in fashion for the last 22 years. Creating abstracts has spoken to me, excited me, and provided me a haven. Painting has always made me feel fulfilled and hence decided to make my passion a fulltime role in my life. I also love travelling and have traveled across the world and lived in Australia, Austria, India, New Zealand and Switzerland. When I am not painting you will also find me recycling furniture, decorating homes, creating new food recipes and photographing landscapes and nature.

Travelling and experiencing different cultures in many countries and my experience in the fashion industry influence my work. The beautiful landscapes, nature, and urban cities inspires my art. My work is majorly abstract which builds on textures and mixed media just like cultures do in every global cosmopolitan city. Abstraction in my art allows the freedom of expression that is not limited to visual realities.

With my art I want to reflect vibrancy, calmness and dynamicity and hope to bring joy and spark inspiration to the beholder. My style is constantly growing, evolving and reflecting the world around me. 

Firm believer of "Everything you can IMAGINE is REAL - Pablo Picasso"

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